Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, Contestants, and Latest Updates​

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, Contestants, and Latest Updates​: As you all are aware, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 premiered on September 4, 2022, and included 21 contestants. Nagarjuna serves as the host of the show. On Disney+ Hotstar, it airs continuously. Additionally, every Monday to Friday at 10 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm, Star Maa broadcasts the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote aka Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Vote is a process where people will be allowed to choose their favorite contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 6 and save them from elimination. The contestant with the least Bigg Boss 6 Telugu votes will be eliminated every weekend. Public Gmail ID will be given 50 votes per day. Below are complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. Bigg Boss Telugu Voot 6 Finale Week 15 powered by Disney Plus Hotstar has started. Everyone is busy voting for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu, right?

If you are confused about how to vote in Bigg Boss Telugu this week then your search ends here because here you will find all the details related to the Bigg Boss Telugu voting process and the status of the same. The show is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

The Bigg Boss show is famous across all languages and the Telugu version is extra special with Akkineni Nagarjuna as the host this season. Bigg Boss 6 Telugu started airing on 4th September 2022 with around 16 contestants willing to stay inside the house for 100 days. Below you can find A to Z details about Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting step by step.

Bigg Boss Telugu Details:

Show NameBigg Boss 6 Telugu
HostAkkineni Nagarjuna
Starting Date04/09/2022
Contestants List21 people
Timing10 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
Launch Day TRP8.86 TVR
Final Day TRP16 TVR (approx)
No of Days105 Days
Streaming PartnersHotstar
Watch onStar Maa TV
GenreReality Show
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote ResultsSee below
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu WinnerTBA
Starting FromSeptember 04, 2022
Finale DateNA
Winner Prize Money50 Lakhs INR
Bigg Boss Telugu Details

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List:

Telugu Bigg Boss 6 contestants include Keerthy Bhatt, Sudeepa, Shrihan, Neha Chowdhury, Chanti, Sri Satya, Arjun Kalyan, Geetu Royal, Abhinaya Sri, Marina, Rohit, Bala Aditya, Basanti, Shani Salmon, Inaya Sultana, RJ Surya, Faima, Adi Reddy, Raja Shekhar, Arohi Rao, and Revanth are among the list of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu contestants.

1Adi ReddyCritic
2Vasanthi KrishnanActress
3Sudeepa RaparthiActress
5Arjun KalyanActor
6Inaya SultanaActress
7Keerthi Keshav BhatActress
8Chalaki ChantiComedian
9Raja Shekar MuthyaluActor
10Abhinaya ShreeChoreographer
13Arohi RaoNews Achor
14Sri SatyaActress
15RevanthPlayback singer
16Neha ChowdaryAnchor
17Marina Abraham SahniActress
18Rohit SahniActor
19Geetu RoyalInfluencer
20RJ SuryaRadio Jockey
21Shaani SalmonActor
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Percentage (Week 15):

PositionContestantPercentageNo. of VotesMissed Call Number
3Adi Reddy15.40%29527288877617
6Sri Satya7.73%14827288877606
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Percentage (Week 15)

Voting for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu:

The much-awaited third season of Bigg Boss Telugu, hosted by superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna, is all set to return on September 7! Sixteen contestants will enter the house and compete against each other to avoid eviction. Each week, contestants will challenge each other. By overcoming these hurdles, contestants will reduce their chances of ending up as the nominees for the voting process. At the beginning of each week, participants nominate each other. The highest number of nominees must go through a voting process. At that point, fans of the show will cast votes that will ultimately decide the fate of that week’s nominee.

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Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Online Voting Process:

The online voting process is quite simple. Each fan will have a total of 10 votes. They can give all their votes to a single participant, or they can divide them among different candidates. To vote, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your preferred browser and search for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.
  • Next, click on the official Snippet.
  • Once you are on the official website, you will need to log in with your Google account.
  • After you have logged in with either of the mentioned accounts, you should be able to see the competitors who are on the nomination list for that particular week.
  • Next, choose your favorite participant from the list and cast your vote.

After you have cast your 10 votes, don’t forget to click “Submit”.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu?

  • Open Play Store on your Mobile.
  • Search for the ” Hotstar ” app and Install the latest version.
  • Now open the Hotstar app.
  • Go to the “Bigg Boss Telugu” page.
  • Below the stream, you will find an option to vote.
  • Click the “Vote now” button.
  • Choose your Favourite Contestant.
  • You have 10 votes each day to vote for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.
  • Missed call voting method is also available.
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, Contestants, and Latest Updates​
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, Contestants, and Latest Updates​

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Missed Call Numbers:

Fans can also vote by issuing a missed call to a participant’s personalized number. It is a rather effortless process, and anyone can participate in it. Please note; Fans who contribute to the online voting system can still issue a missed call. Below, we will show you how to perform the Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call process. Please note, if you want to issue a missed call, you must have an active mobile number. Any type of mobile device will suit this process just fine.

  • Open your dial pad, so that you can type the competitor’s individualized voting number.
  • Enter the phone number of the participant for whom you want to cast your vote.
  • Next, make the call and wait until it cuts out after a single ring. The ring will signal that your vote has been cast.
  • After casting your vote, you should receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone.

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Big Boss Telugu 6 week-wise Nominations & Eliminations:

Week 1 eliminationNo Elimination
Week 2 eliminationShani & Abhinaya Sri
Week 3  eliminationNeha
Week 4 eliminationArohi
Week 5 eliminationChalaki Chanti
Week 6 eliminationSudeepa Pinky
Week 7 eliminationArjun Kalyan
Week 8 eliminationRJ Surya
Week 9 eliminationGeethu
Week 10 eliminationBaladitya & Vasanthi
Week 11 eliminationMarina
Week 12 eliminationRaj
Week 13 eliminationFaima
Big Boss Telugu 6 week-wise Nominations & Eliminations

Step-by-step procedure to cast vote for Bigg Boss Telugu:

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows where people from different fields of the entertainment industry live together in a house. Housemates vote and nominate individuals every week. Viewers have the option to save their favorite contestant by posting their votes through various methods.

The program’s evacuation process is simple. Among the nominees, those who receive the fewest audience votes are eliminated and those who receive the most votes are saved. If you want to vote for your favorite contestants then you need to understand the Bigg Boss Telugu voting process and what are the steps to vote for your favorite contestants online.

  • The first thing you need to do is log in from your Gmail account so that you can be a part of the voting process.
  • You need to search Bigg Boss Telugu Online on Google to cast your vote. Alternatively, you can search for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online in your search engine by entering the keyword “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote” and it will list the options available for voting.
  • Each online voter can cast up to 50 votes and viewers can divide the votes among those 50 numbers at their convenience.
  • Once the votes are collected, you have to wait for the weekend show to know about the status of Bigg Boss Telugu votes and whether your favorite contestant is saved.
  • The online voting poll is also available on Google and is usually available every week from Monday at 10 PM to Friday 11.59 PM so visitors cannot register their votes on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
  • There is also Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu Vote Missed Call Number and it is also possible to cast your vote using a missed call method. The only requirement is to ensure that a valid Indian SIM card is used to make a missed call.

After the voting cycle ends, the contestant who gets the smallest share of total public votes is eliminated from the show by Bigg Boss. The voting results will be announced on Saturday and the remaining contestants will be able to stay in the Bigg Boss house. The season has come a long way and it has entered the 12th week where all the contestants of the show are playing a strong game to stay in the house by any means.

A lot of twists are happening every week which makes the game more interesting for the viewers. This week three celebrities and two commoners have been nominated for elimination and the game is now in a big twist with whoever can be eliminated based on the audience votes.

While voting online or through the missed call option, there are certain terms and conditions associated with it.

Conditions for Online Voting

  • Viewers must have a valid Gmail account without which they cannot do voting online through the Google poll option.
  • A maximum of fifty votes is only possible from one Gmail account in a day and you need to log in through a different Gmail account if you wish to do the voting for your favorite contestant online.
  • Only the person living in India will be able to cast their votes for Bigg Boss Telugu online for their contestants. Voting online for foreign audiences is not available.

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Conditions for Missed call voting option:

The biggest advantage of the Bigg Boss Telugu voting option is that it is not paid and you don’t have to pay a single rupee to vote for your favorite contestants. Those who don’t have a Gmail account and don’t know how to vote online can also vote for their favorite contestant online by choosing the option of voting through missed call option. However, only 10 votes can be registered from the specified number in a week through that option. Cost is free for missed calls and the 11th missed call vote is not considered valid So, you have to choose another number to vote for your favorite contestant through missed call option.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is one of the most awaited and exciting shows. Bigg Boss Telugu is quite popular among Telugu lovers and the show has a long list of popular celebrities. Even common people were seen participating in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 for the first time. If you are interested to know more about exclusions, the voting process, and other details then this is the right platform for you. Know about Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Procedure, Nominated Contestants in Profile, and other related details.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting, Contestants, and Latest Updates​
Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, Contestants, and Latest Updates​

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Season Missed Call Numbers:

S. NoContestantNumber Assigned
1Keerthi Bhat Missed Call Number+91 7288877601
2Sudeeppa Pinky Missed Call Number+91 7288877602
3Srihan Missed Call Number+91 7288877603
4Neha Chowdary Missed Call Number+91 7288877604
5Chalaki Chanti Missed Call Number+91 7288877605
6Sri Satya Missed Call Number+91 7288877606
7Arjun Kalyan Missed Call Number+91 7288877607
8Geetu Royal Missed Call Number+91 7288877608
9Abhinaya Sri Missed Call Number+91 7288877609
10Merina Missed Call Number+91 7288877610
11Rohit Sahni Missed Call Number+91 7288877621
12Bala Aditya Missed Call Number+91 7288877611
13Vasanthi Krishnan Missed Call Number+91 7288877612
14Shani Salmon Missed Call Number+91 7288877613
15Inaya Sulthana Missed Call Number+91 7288877614
16RJ Suryah Missed Call Number+91 7288877615
17Faima Missed Call Number+91 7288877616
18Adi Reddy Missed Call Number+91 7288877617
19Rajshekar Missed Call Number+91 7288877618
20Arohi Rao Missed Call Number+91 7288877619
21Revanth Missed Call Number+91 7288877620
Conditions for Missed call voting option


I hope in this article you have learned or understood about Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting, Contestants, and Latest Updates, however, our purpose is to give you the correct information only. A request to you please share this valuable information with everyone and let us know if you have any comments. Thank you very much for reading this article and don’t forget to bookmark our website for more content.

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