Udaariyaan written update 2nd February 2023

Udaariyaan Written Update 2nd February 2023: Yesterday you watched a great episode of the Udaariyaan serial. The Udaariyaan serial is getting very interesting. Today we will tell you about the events of 02.02.2023, so let’s start. The episode starts with Nehmat being surprised by the picture of him and Mallika in bed. she reminisces about her childhood with Mallika and regrets not being able to save their friendship.

She wonders who put all this here. Just then, Naz comes there and says that she did it. she says she also got Nehmat’s favorite halwa cake made by Satti. Naz performs a performance in front of Nehmat. she pretends to apologize to Nehmat and says that she feels guilty for her misdeeds.

She says that she wants to correct her mistake by reuniting Nehmat and Mallika. she suggests Nehmat take Mallika for lunch with Advaita. Nehmat does not think that Mallika will not agree even if Advaita agrees. Naz says she will convince Mallika. Nehmat agrees to talk to Advaita about it. Naz hugs Nehmat and smiles.

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Ekam asks Mallika where she’s going out decked up. Mallika stumbles while answering. Ekam says she doesn’t need to explain and that everything will be fine if she is happy. Ekam pulls Mallika’s leg and asks her to go on a date. Mallika taunts Ekam by saying that she can go on a date with Harleen.

Mallika expresses her dislike for Harleen. Ekam asks Mallika not to judge Harleen on her past. Mallika said, Ekma’s happiness is with Nehmat. Ekam says even Mallika can’t forget Advaita. Mallika says she is trying to move. Ekam says she is also trying to do the same.

Advait calls Nehmat and says that he has reached the restaurant to meet Mallika. He asks where she is. Nehmat checks the time on his watch and says that Advaita reached the restaurant earlier. Advait says his watch is not working properly and asks him to check the problem. Nehmat realizes that Advait is fine and goes to the restaurant to get ready. Naz laughs at this. Naz remembers the time change on Nehmat’s watch.

On the other hand, Advaita sees Mallika. Both look at each other and smile. A FB shows. Mallika bumps into Advaita. Mallika tells Advaita that she seems happy in her married life. Advaita says that some things are only for show. They become closer. FB is over. Mallika and Advaita share a hug. Mallika says that if she had not married Nehmat, she would have been his wife. Advaita says that he has always found a good life partner in her. He thanks Mallika for forgiving her.

She says she loves him. Mallika says that she was forced to marry Nehmat and she can’t blame him after knowing that she was not happy with him. she says he always wanted to be close to her. Advaita says he couldn’t forget her. Mallika holds Advaita’s hand. Meanwhile, Nehmat is on his way, hoping Mallika will forgive him.

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Here, Advaita presents Mallika with a diamond bracelet and kisses her hand. Mallika likes it. Advait says that Nehmat wants to patch up with him and be his friend again. Mallika refuses to be an emotional fool and faces betrayal again. Advaita thinks Ekam exposed him in front of his family. He thinks that Mallika must be an emotional fool and will be betrayed by him this time. She says that Ekam has insulted her many times, so she will take her revenge on Mallika.

Udaariyaan written update:

Nehmat reaches the restaurant. she finds Advaita and Mallika sitting opposite each other at a table. Seeing Mallika there, she became emotional. She says she is happy to see him and says she brought her favorite flowers. Nehmat wants to hug Mallika.

The latter stops him. She says she came here for Advaita. she tells Nehmat that she can forgive Advaita, but not Nehmat, who stabbed him in the back. she left the restaurant. Mallika stops at the entrance and says that she will take Advaita away from Nehmat as Saeha took him away from her.

Udaariyaan written update 2nd February 2023
Udaariyaan written update 2nd February 2023

Advaita puts Nehmat down. He scolds Mallika and pretends to protect Nehmat. The latter says that he can understand Mallika’s anger as Advaita is his first love. she says there is no fault of Mallika. Advait gives a fake assurance to Nehmat that he will reconcile Mallika and Nehmat.

At night, the Kapoors talk about the upcoming elections. Advaita gets up and goes to his room. Advait accidentally drops a box. The family is surprised to see a diamond bracelet falling out of the box. Advaita says he brought it for Nehmat. He makes Nehmat wear it. Meanwhile, Mallika takes a picture of the diamond bracelet gifted by Advaita and sends it to Naaz.

Naaz sees the picture and realizes that Advait has gifted both Nehmat and Mallika with diamond bracelets of the same model. Advait receives Mallika’s call. Advaita stepped aside and accepted it. They meet the next day and talk about going somewhere. Advaita tells Mallika not to tell anyone where they are going. Mallika thinks she will tell someone about it. The episode ends.

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