Udaariyaan written update 1st February 2023

Udaariyaan written update 1st February 2023: Yesterday you watched a great episode of the Udaariyaan serial. Today we will tell you about the incident of 01.02.2023, so let’s start. The episode starts with Nikhil asking Naaz if he had a fight with Nehmat. Nehmat lies that she hurt her hand and Naj starts crying after seeing this. Nehmat leaves. Naz lies to Nikhil and goes to Nehmat. Naz now asks Nehmat to forgive him. Nehmat says she didn’t tell Nikhil the truth because of her oath to Fateh-Tejo. He refuses to forgive Naz. The latter feels relieved and thinks of conspiring against Nehmat.

Advaita asks Nehmat to choose a slogan for their political party, as only Nehmat can know what common people like. Nehmat obliged and chose a slogan. Advaita puts his hand on Nehmat’s shoulder and thanks her for her help. Advaita realizes his actions. He moves his hand away and says sorry. He says he got the idea for the slogan after seeing his charity work.


While they are discussing how they are developing their political party, Shamsher and Rama appear there. Advaita appreciates Shams’ help with the change. Shamser asks Advaita to take Nehmat along for the election campaign Advaita agrees. They discuss this. Naz sees this and gets jealous of Nehmat. Neeru also persuades Naz.

Naaz gets a screenshot of the message from Mallika to Advaita. Meanwhile, Advaita is shocked to receive a heart emoji message from Mallika. Naz calls Mallika and asks Mallika to attack continuously to separate Advaita from Nehmat. Naz laughs and says that Mallika will not spare Nehmat. Advaita and Nehmat are campaigning for election. The Kapoors watch this news live.

The reporter said that Kapoor’s party is more likely to win because of Nehmat, who is campaigning despite being pregnant. Shamser praised Nehmat. Naaz gets Mallika’s message that after Ekam, Advaita will also leave Nehmat’s life. During the election campaign, Advaita is shocked to come across Mallika.

Advait and Nehmat hear someone honking a bike horn continuously. They turned around. They find Ekam and Harleen. Advaita removes flower petals from Nehmat’s hair. The only way that Nehmat may have really moved on in his life. He drives away with Hatlin. Later, Advaita and Nehmat have dinner at Sandhus. Satti is happy to see Nehmat and Advaita happy. Outside Sandhu’s house, Advait answered questions from reporters.

A reporter asks Advaita how is there so much love between her and Advaita after the conditions they got married. Advaita says that it happens when two hearts connect and hearts connect because of feelings. Nehmat sees Advaita’s works as genuine. Mallika drives past that side. He sees Advaita and Nehmat happy. He sends a message to Advaita. Mallika gets worried after seeing the message.

Rama expresses his joy seeing Nehmat and Advaita happy. She praises Nehmat for trying to maintain her marriage with Advaita and for keeping her image. He presents a necklace to Nehmat. Nehmat thanks him. Rama kisses his head and leaves. There, the public relations manager asks Advaita and Shamser to tell if there is any secret that could tarnish their image before the elections.

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Udaariyaan written update:

Advaita remembers Harleen and hopes the truth about Harleen being his first wife and Nehmat his illegitimate wife. Nehmat opens the locker to put the necklace. She is shocked to find Advait’s Canadian passport. Advaita tells the PR manager that he has no such secrets. Shamser says he will take action if something like this happens. Shamser leaves with his PR manager.

Udaariyaan written update 1st February 2023
Udaariyaan written update 1st February 2023

Nehmat arrives there with Advait’s Canadian passport. He asks Advaita about the same. Meanwhile, Naaz tells Mallika that Advait loves Mallika like crazy, but now he started liking Nehmat, but he shouldn’t let that happen. Mallika agrees and asks Naaz to help. Naz agrees. Here, Nehmat asks Advaita if he can contest elections in India while holding Canadian citizenship.

Advaita tells Nehmat, don’t worry, he will handle it. Nehmat asks Advaita why he needs Canadian citizenship while living in India. Advaita started receiving calls. He disconnects this and says that Shamsher was forced to obtain Canadian citizenship when he was sent to Canada. He assures her that he has no intention of settling in Canada as he wants to be there with Nehmat and serve people.

Nehmat wonders if she should trust Advaita or not. Advaita admits that he has made many mistakes in the past. He wants to make amends with them after gaining her support and starting a new life with her. After Nehmat leaves, Advaita gets a call from a girl. She asks Advaita to meet her. Advaita says he will meet her after the elections. Advaita laughs, thinking that Nehmat finally fell into his trap. The episode ends.

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